Jet City Amplification Wedge Guitar Amplifier

Jet City Amplification is pleased to announce the JCA22CW - The Wedge - a version of their popular Soldano-designed 20 watt platform, in an innovative new shape. Features include two all-tube channels, a tube-driven effects loop, and a custom-designed Eminence Jet City 12” speaker.
The unique Wedge shape was motivated by guitarist Roger Fisher, founding member of the world-famous rock band Heart. "This is a concept I made several prototypes of in the ’80’s - a guitar amp aimed at the performer's ears - not toward the audience - which allows the front of house engineer to be in control of - not at the mercy of - the guitar sound", said Fisher. "My prototypes had a built-in mic, so one merely would plug and play - no mic to worry about. The MicSim (built into the Wedge) circuit my friend Doug Roberts engineered for Jet City Amplification solves that situation brilliantly. Suddenly all the concepts lined up to make this a game-changing product. I predict that soon most amp manufacturers will be following on the heels of JCA, because this is a much-needed product!"


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