Rocktron VersaTune Guitar/Bass Tuner

Have you ever needed to tune your guitar a half step down? Have you ever wanted to tune your guitar to DADGAD? Need to tune a Mandolin, Dobro, Pedal Steel Guitar or other types of instruments? Well, the VersaTune is for you! The VersaTune Rack Tuner is a versatile true-bypass Guitar/Bass rack tuner for live and studio use.

The large “NOTE” display and bright LEDs provide the perfect amount of light for on-stage tuning. Over a hundred different tunings can be viewed in the display window including standard guitar/bass tunings, alternate tunings, drop tunings and opening tunings.

Additional features include two front & rear panel inputs, two rear panel outputs, input selector switch, +-60 Cents tuning LEDs, Precision Switch for ultra fine tuning, strobe, Mute Switch on front panel and MUTE jack on rear panel, Calibration switch and NOTE selection switch.


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