Jet City Amplification JCA20HV

Jet City Amplification announces a new refinement to its ever-popular JCA20H; the JCA20HV and companion cabinet, the JCA24SV.

“JCA20H has pretty much been our most-popular product since we launched it, and the company, just a couple years ago”, said Douglas White, Product Manager at Jet City Amplification. “And during this time, a lot of players told us they enjoy the JCA20H with Celestion Vintage 30s. So, Soldano decided to re-voice this model with V30s in mind. It’s a little bit cleaner, and just a bit darker, and he threw his famous depth circuit in there with a two-position switch”. And since this new version sounds different from the standard 20H, Jet City decided to give it a new look, with a white chassis, basket-weave grill, and chicken-head knobs. “Our buddies at MojoTone engineered a solid state effects loop for us, and we included the MicSim output as a bonus because it sounded so great on this amp”. concluded White.


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