Taylor All-Koa Tenor Ukulele and GS with Solid Lining

The solid koa ukuleles embody a handcrafted approach to instrument making, since Taylor hasn’t yet developed all the tooling that would be required to make the uke as a production model. Our reserves of koa include beautifully figured sets that are too small for a guitar but perfect for ukes. The appointments mirror those of the Koa Series, featuring a beautiful plumeria fretboard inlay that was scaled down to accommodate the uke’s more diminutive size.

The companion guitar for this series is an all-koa cutaway GS. The appointments are identical to the actual Koa Series, with one premium tone enhancement: solid lining and side braces inside the guitar rather than the typically-used kerfing. While far more difficult to execute, the thinner solid lining and side braces together add more torsional strength to the sides. As a result, less string energy is wasted, more of the top and back are free to move, and the guitar produces a livelier, more responsive, and more dynamic sound.



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